Long division…oh my hat…

So many kids battle with long division.

(Other things they battle with are time, converting measurements, fractions and decimals – but we’ll get to that and more)

I can literally hear parents all around the world crying out …why, why this…when will they ever use it?

I am here to tell you how they will use it and why it is important.

Here it is…


Long division is the first time your child is expected to use 3 maths operations at once while simultaneously using working memory, patterning, as well as visual perceptual skills and visual motor skills.

They are not learning long division so much as they are developing number sense and number manipulation, along with the other skills I just mentioned above.

Some more help is at hand …

In a series of videos, I attempt to explain the route of long division and why your little Grade 1 needs to practice his skip counting.

From skip counting to long division – a journey of discovery.

Find more videos on our channel, https://omatas.co.za/youtube/

I hope this help a little 🙂

Lauren Edmunds

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