OMATAS Learning Centre, a Remedial School established in 2013, is a living, shifting adventure in education for children with barriers to learning.

As children feel more capable, they more easily find their courage.

At Omatas we’re focused on creating engaged, inquisitive and independent thinkers. For children who are struggling in a mainstream class, the idea of being able to move around and experience learning more holistically makes sense.

A small class environment reduces noise levels, provides one-on-one opportunities and enables hands-on experiences and lots of moving to learn.

Parents know when their children just need another approach in order to thrive academically. We’ve created a place where children feel safe to explore their potential as confident, active learners.

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Call: 084 440 0151


Address: 124 Smit St, Fairland, Randburg, 2194, Johannesburg

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