Lauren Edmunds

Father’s Day, when he’s gone.

My children lost their father 4 months ago. Today is going to be difficult for them because reminders will be everywhere. In years to come the reminders will spark memories. My advice to them, let the memories come because the pain is actually love and if you are not busy remembering then you are busy …

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Hands up, own it.

I was labelled a procrastinator for most of my childhood. I thought it meant I wasn’t good enough. Now I know better. Procrastinator: I leave things until I have enough thought momentum and enough impetus to produce a piece of work that is worthy of me. The intention of calling me a procrastinator when I …

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how we do school-at-home

OMATAS has a job to do. It must find a way, all the time, to build children’s self-esteem and cognitive skills. This year is no different. From day one of the lockdown we knew that we had to keep looking after our students, so we did. The students got an OMATAS@HOME timetable that looked similar …

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