Lauren Edmunds

Food Fuels Function

Human brains want easy! We’re designed to work at reducing effort so that what we do becomes easier and easier. Our brains like economy. So it’s not surprising that we have evolved to have drive-thru fast food outlets at every corner, prepackaged microwave meals and plug-in muscle builders. Even our favourite shows now start on …

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There is one undeniable fact in education. If the learner is not paying attention learning is impossible. You can choose the best schools, the most suitable curriculum and the top teachers but if all of that doesn’t ignite in your child the ability to focus his or her attention on what is going on, then …

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Aristotle believed that tenacity was one of the most valued virtues. I am reminded of the 10 000 hour rule… it states that exceptional expertise requires at least 10,000 hours of practice. (This is a concept that argues that deliberate, dedicated and focused practice over a very long, sustained time period; assuming appropriate talent, intelligence …

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