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Academic Success Shouldn’t be Ornaments, They Should Be The Fruits of Labour

A strong component of what we do at Omatas is the preparation of the child for learning. We see academic ability as the fruit that ...
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We Are An Effective Transformational Space

The notion of helping someone has always fascinated me. I myself seldom seek help, especially for things I know I can do on my own, ...
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Slow the lesson down, but pack it with multiple development opportunities.

When children need extra time to learn, the answer isn’t to extend the school day. The answer lies in making the task richer with multiple ...
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You’re not to blame

“While all of us dread being blamed, we all would wish to be more responsible – that is, to have the ability to respond with ...
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We take one step at a time to get there

Our IEP’s are not written down for the year. They are written down for the day. The torch we carry only shines so far so ...
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