OMATAS Learning Centre, a Remedial School established in 2013, is a living, shifting adventure in education for children with barriers to learning.

Letterland is a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching literacy that transforms letters into engaging characters with distinct personalities and stories. Each letter has its own character, and these characters help children learn the sounds associated with each letter in a memorable and enjoyable way.

In remedial and special needs education, Letterland is often used as an effective tool to address reading challenges. Its visual and imaginative approach appeals to diverse learning styles, making it particularly suitable for students who may require additional support. The method utilizes stories, songs, and visual aids to reinforce the connection between letters and their corresponding sounds.

Letterland’s engaging and multisensory nature makes it beneficial for students with various learning needs, including those with dyslexia or other reading difficulties. The method provides a structured and systematic way to introduce phonics concepts, helping students build a strong foundation for reading and spelling. Educators in remedial and special needs settings find Letterland valuable in creating an inclusive and interactive learning environment that supports the diverse needs of students with varying learning abilities.

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Call: 084 440 0151

Email: lauren@omatas.co.za

Address: 124 Smit St, Fairland, Randburg, 2194, Johannesburg

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