Physical Ability

OMATAS Learning Centre, a Remedial School established in 2013, is a living, shifting adventure in education for children with barriers to learning.

Bodies that move, enable brains to grow.

We know that getting your children to exercise or practice skills daily can be almost impossible, and we also know that once a week isn’t enough.

Through our carefully selected programmes we have a weekly schedule of activities that builds every child holistically.

We provide the time and the practise that therapists are always asking children and parents to do.

 We use programmes for motor skills, perceptual development, vision, speech and movement. We have obstacle courses, outdoor games and a busy playground. All the children participate to develop both their strengths and weaknesses. We also work with your therapist if there are any special requirements so that we maintain the integrity of the goals for your child.

Contact Details

Call: 084 440 0151


Address: 124 Smit St, Fairland, Randburg, 2194, Johannesburg

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