The School

We Use CAPS As A Guide

We develop our subjects to harness natural curiosities and life happening all around us. Going deeper into themes and teaching across the subjects, children develop the solid knowledge foundation necessary for high school.

We Are Based At The Berario Recreation Centre

Nestled between Fairland and Northcliff. We make the most of the expansive grounds and large working areas. Being part of the community adds a collective spirit that sparks genuine social growth and tolerance.

We Run Multi-Age Classes

Our classes are structured around skills and personalities, as well as grades, to make the most of lesson content as well as social support. Children work at their level, and after experiencing success they quickly begin to catch up. The very small classes make one-on-one education even more of a reality.

We Do The Work Of Therapy

Children don’t make up the missing skills once a week in the therapist’s office alone. Children need to be working those skills as much as possible. Our environment is conducive to developing everything from perceptual skills to motor skills to language skills. By including everyone, no child feels they are broken.

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