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OMATAS Learning Centre, a Remedial School established in 2013, is a living, shifting adventure in education for children with barriers to learning.

Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) is an educational approach developed by psychologist Reuven Feuerstein. It centers on the idea that learning is a social and interactive process, and the mediator, often a teacher or caregiver, plays a crucial role in guiding learners through cognitive activities to help them develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and effective learning strategies.

In the context of remedial and special needs education, Mediated Learning Experience offers several benefits:

  1. Individualized Instruction:
    • MLE recognizes the unique learning needs of each individual. In remedial education, where students may have varied challenges, the mediated approach allows educators to tailor instruction to the specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses of each learner.
  2. Cognitive Development:
    • MLE aims to enhance cognitive functions, including perception, memory, and reasoning. For students with special needs, this focus on cognitive development can be particularly beneficial, addressing underlying cognitive processes that may impact their ability to learn effectively.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills:
    • The MLE approach emphasizes the development of problem-solving skills. In remedial education, where students may face challenges in traditional learning methods, MLE provides a structured framework for learners to engage in meaningful problem-solving activities, fostering independence and resilience.
  4. Cultural Sensitivity:
    • MLE is adaptable across diverse cultural and linguistic contexts. In special needs education, where cultural and linguistic factors may influence learning, MLE provides a framework that respects and incorporates the individual’s cultural background into the learning process.
  5. Social Interaction:
    • MLE recognizes the importance of social interaction in the learning process. For students with special needs, who may benefit from additional social support, the mediated learning experience provides opportunities for positive interactions with educators, peers, and caregivers, contributing to a supportive learning environment.
  6. Transferable Skills:
    • MLE aims to develop skills that are transferable across different contexts. This is especially valuable in special needs education, where students may require skills that extend beyond traditional academic subjects, preparing them for a more holistic and independent life.

In summary, Mediated Learning Experience, with its focus on individualized instruction, cognitive development, problem-solving skills, cultural sensitivity, social interaction, and the cultivation of transferable skills, offers a valuable and adaptable approach in the realm of remedial and special needs education.

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