Food Fuels Function

Chicken marinating in lemon and fresh herbs.

Human brains want easy!

We’re designed to work at reducing effort so that what we do becomes easier and easier. Our brains like economy.

So it’s not surprising that we have evolved to have drive-thru fast food outlets at every corner, prepackaged microwave meals and plug-in muscle builders. Even our favourite shows now start on the next episode without us even having to use those abdominal muscle to reach for the remote.

But what is this doing to our children? We see kids sprawled across desks with heads propped up in their hands minutes after a class starts, they have brain fog that prevents them from making sense of the teacher’s words and they struggle to retain anything worth remembering.

There are many reasons for children struggling in school and with learning. One of the reasons is diet.

Did you know that neurons (the nerves that make up our nervous system and brain) require good fats (Omega 3 fatty acids) to smooth the transfer of signals (thinking and acting)?

Did you also know that trans fats (bad fats in processed foods and take-outs) strip away these fatty acids leaving neurons bare? Messages that have to transmit ideas, memories, movement and reactions become sluggish and stuck.

Good, healthy food changes thinking speeds, clears the mind to clear thought, improves movement and gives children the right kind of energy.

Where to start?

Sugar! Do a bit of research on the affects of sugar on the brain and body. Find out where sugar is in your diet. (White breads, fruit, low fat products, etc.) Find your optimal sugar intake level for your age and weight. Do the same for your child.

Then …

Change just one thing! One meal this week can be different.

Change is hard, so find out more about how to make changes at home that stick.

Come back for more information.

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