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You’re not to blame

“While all of us dread being blamed, we all would wish to be more responsible – that is, to have the ability to respond with awareness to the circumstances of our lives rather than just reacting.” – Gabor Mate We have TWO core school rules. I call them rules, rather than a mission or value …

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Helping them to stay afloat…and then start to swim.

There’s a healing paradigm that we use. A simple four-step process that all but ensures a great outcome. I think perhaps an analogy might help us make sense of it. When children join us they are often tired, they have been fighting to keep their head above water for a long time now. And they …

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Feeling good enough

We’re going to be talking a lot about mistakes. It is, after all, where all the learning happens. Today, the teachers were together, cutting our cow patches out of fake leather, for the kids to use to cover their new History books. I stepped in to help. After cutting out my first one, one of …

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