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Business books should be read by teachers

Find a teacher that is looking for solutions from far flung places. Real solution finders look beyond their world and their thinking. They get uncomfortable with ineffectiveness and go looking for something else. We can’t solve the problems we have with the same thinking that created them. Find someone willing to look beyond where everyone …

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Father’s Day, when he’s gone.

My children lost their father 4 months ago. Today is going to be difficult for them because reminders will be everywhere. In years to come the reminders will spark memories. My advice to them, let the memories come because the pain is actually love and if you are not busy remembering then you are busy …

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Working, Mom?

Without the punctuation it is just a title. With the punctuation it screams at you, like a five-year-old in a foul mood. Turns out kids do not need more time with us. Kids are trying to tell us something else. A moment ago, I read the start of a book I purchased some years back. …

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