Learning doesn’t work the way you were taught

Neuroscientists have known for years how learning works and how they want schools to operate. It just takes so long for these huge big passenger ships to turn and that’s only if they’re listening and want to change.

Omatas is the result of impatience, of knowing that my daughter didn’t have time to wait for the changes.

It was over a decade ago that I walked away from trying to fight these huge monolithic entities and started a small, personal school that is sturdy and big enough and can change when needed.

The big, slow passenger ship was good enough for one of my daughters but not for the other. So she stayed onboard and my other daughter and I jumped off. We had places to get to.

I listened then and still do to what the neuroscientists and psychologists and psychiatrists were saying about how children learn. I researched the new science so that I could give my daughter a fighting chance. Her grade 3 teacher told me to give up.

So here we are, a decade later and we’ve been doing the incredible work that most people wish for.

These are some of the thinkers and researchers and neurologists I listened to: Kathie Nunley, Dr Dan Siegel, Carl Rogers, Anat Baniel, Dr Merzenich, Irvin Yalom, Gabor Maté, Brené Brown, Mona Delahooke, Tina Payne Bryson, Carol Dweck, KIPP Schools, The Blue School NYC, Norman Doidge, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, Wayne W. Dyer, Maria Montessori, Thich Nhat Kang, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, Mark Seidenberg, Maryane Wolf, Sue Knight, Susan Jeffers, Blake Mycoskie, John Ratey, Chapman and Campbell and so many more.

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