Great Question

Mediation is the art of bringing the child’s mind to themselves and what they are doing.

The last thing we actually want is for the child to pay much attention to us. What we are doing, as teachers and parents, is of little consequence if the child is not able to absorb and internalise their thinking.

Mediation is a way of asking questions and gesturing and being that enables the child to be more fully engaged with themselves and their actions.

At Omatas, we use a collection of ideas to teach in this way. Sometimes we slow right down and bring the child’s attention to the subtlety of what they are doing. By reducing the ‘noise’ in a task the child can find some crystal clarity.

Other times we share space with the child, offering our own higher order thinking as a role model that they can ride on as they tackle difficult work.

Mediation is the subtle art of transforming the thinking of a child from passive acceptance to anticipation and enthusiasm and courage to think and try and get up after every fall.

To get a short list of questions, send us an email on . The questions all bring the child’s focus to what they are doing, raising their thinking abilities.

These questions should always be asked in a kind manner, full of genuine curiosity and honest interest. The questions are always asked with the intention of bringing more awareness for the child to the task at hand. They are never to be used to reprimand or highlight mistakes. They only highlight what is, neither good nor bad, right nor wrong. In highlighting a part of the work or the actions or the thinking we give the child a chance to examine it and think about it.

As with all give processes, programmes or step-by-step guide, you have to work with it and tweak it to find your own rhythm and success.

Let us know how you find using these questions.

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