We take one step at a time to get there

Our IEP’s are not written down for the year. They are written down for the day. The torch we carry only shines so far so we take those steps with your child. And then the torchlight shows us the next step.

When we take these right-in-front-of-us steps, we are never overwhelmed. Instead, we are in awe of what is right there for us. We are captivated by the stage that we find ourselves and we do not bother ourselves with what is lurking around the corner.

As we step each single step together our collective courage grows, our skills grow and even we grow, so that when that corner comes into the light we are ready for what is waiting for us.

We know that the future will hold many wonders, many joys, many tears, many disappointments and achievements. That is the nature of life. We do not brace ourselves for the storms coming tomorrow, but learn to stand upright in the wind that blows today. We do not wish to be transported further down the road so that we miss out on all of the beautiful experiences life has for us.

Your child’s IEP is what he needs right now to build his inner knowing of himself and his abilities and to learn to shine the torch on what he needs and to be able and willing to reach out for it.

They can’t do this if the adults around him are shining the torch behind or too far ahead so that the ground in front is now in darkness. They can’t do this in darkness either.

This is what is meant by acceptance. Accept where we are right now, and take a single step. That’s right, and then the next step.

Shine the light where it is needed and most useful. That will bring the feelings of being enough, of joy for life and of completely acceptance of who we are. And then we step again.

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