Working, Mom?

Without the punctuation it is just a title. With the punctuation it screams at you, like a five-year-old in a foul mood.

Turns out kids do not need more time with us. Kids are trying to tell us something else.

A moment ago, I read the start of a book I purchased some years back. It has remained unread and just looking pretty on my brimming bookshelf, until tonight.

And right off the bat I read something that shot from the hip and landed above my head in the form of a blinking lightbulb. It may not be that revolutionary a statement, now that I edit my post. But for me it told a story. So here we are, both reading an unedited blog post.

This is the something I just read. It is point number eight in a list of ten Myths About the Lives of Women in Marcus Buckingham’s, Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently.

“8. Kids want more time with their working mothers. Not according to kids. Most mothers think they do, but when one thousand third through twelfth graders were asked what they wanted from their mom, only 10 percent said ‘more time.’ Their most common request (34 percent): ‘I want my mom to be less stressed and tired.’”


I’m thinking I need to write about this a bit more.

Stay tuned.

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