Addition by subtraction

Before we add anything to your child’s education, we stop and let them be.

When you get hot in the late morning, do you keep your jacket on but crank up the air-conditioning? Or do you take your jacket off?

As children start to enjoy school without having to perform or fit in or add something new, we give them the space to learn to breathe.

As they learn to slow down and be accepted for who they are, they learn to trust themselves, again. They start to shed the behaviour patterns, learnt responses and pretending.

We are working to cover an enormous amount of ground when children have learning difficulties, so we look first for things to take away that are no longer helpful.

Arbitrary school rules have no place here. Activities like lining up are not helpful for anxious kids who may have ADHD or autism or GAD.

To add to a child’s success potential, we must first think about what to take away.

Atomic Habits talks about reducing friction that causes wasted energy and time.

We are very good at reducing friction at school, and we always look to help to reduce friction at home.

What do you need to let go of?

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