Ticking off a to do list makes me happy

I use a TO DO list in a bullet journal. I love bullet journals because the dots give me a hint of structure without forcing it on me.

The structure I create for myself is working. Here are three things I do.

Firstly, I create columns for the important categories of my work life and often include a column for Quick Wins. This specific column gives me a sense of possibility and is not overwhelming. It sets me up for success.

Secondly, I often write the first few actions as things I have already done that day. When I am finished writing up my list I go back and tick off the tasks already done. My brain gets a great dopamine hit and I am motivated by my success.

Third, I write up the smallest details of any task. I capitalise on how important the ‘tick’ is and I use it to my advantage. I would never write a task like ‘write a post’. I would break it down into: plan, structure, first draft, second draft, heading, edit, publish. I get to feel success six times over.

Success motivates, so I am setting myself up to be as motivated as I can be all day.


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